Cryptocurrency Miners: What Is It and Why Is It a Threat?

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The cyber world has seen major developments over the last few years.  Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have emerged since 20 and financial instruments using cryptocurrencies have made their appearance. Currently, it is estimated that there are over 400 cryptocurrencies in operation.  China has recently announced a state-supported cryptocurrency. As might be expected, we have also […]

Small and Medium-Sized Business Online Protection Ensuring a Comprehensive Approach

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Over the past two years or so, more and more small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have been moving their operations online. Internet and online security in general have been becoming a vital part of their operations, especially for e-commerce and financial service businesses. it’s now essential to ensure comprehensive online security protection from cyber threats. […]

What Is Shadow IT and How Can You Take Control

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Most large organisations have IT departments devoted to developing and supporting the corporate IT infrastructure and managing its operation. One frequently encountered problem is that of Shadow ICT where technology systems, software, and hardware are installed without the approval or knowledge of the ICT department or other relevant authorities. It can include anything from unauthorized […]

Recognising Email Phishing Scam: How to Spot One?

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Email Security is a top priority for most users nowadays. The amount of irrelevant, marketing, spoof and generally unwanted email we receive has grown exponentially in recent years. The use of email as a vehicle for fraud has increased in parallel, if not more so. Most desktop and corporate malware systems can detect most emails […]

SSL or TSL Certificate: When and Why Your Website Needs One

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The last few years have seen an increased focus on Online Security,   We hear daily of online fraud and malware attacks, and as a result, people are increasingly wary of e-commerce. Phishing exploits targeted at individuals, leading to stolen financial data and emptying their bank accounts are becoming increasingly common. Businesses have been subjected to […]

Managing Your Internet Footprint and How to Keep Your Privacy Safe

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In the Internet era, most people seem resigned to being monitored by corporations and governments. One thing emphasising the need for Online Security is the upsurge in online scams and data thefts over the last couple of years, particularly around the Festive Season. In short, unless you take proactive steps to update your Online Security, […]

What to do When You’re a Victim of Ransomware

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According to the FBI, the fastest growing cyberthreat to both business and personal networks is ransomware. IT departments worldwide are reviewing their Cyber Security Solutions to see if and how they can counter the threat and, if hit, how to recover from it. What is Ransomware? Ransomware is quite a simple concept. Introduce malicious software […]

5 Ways How You Can Secure Your Company’s Data

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The increasing use of remote access to corporate data to support working from home or providing access to corporate systems has increased the risk of data and Intellectual Property theft. IT departments are looking more closely at Cyber Security for Business solutions as a result. The use of remote access increases the potential attack surface […]