About Us

An appreciation of Cybersecurity and Network Security is an essential for all IT people today.  The incidence and sophistication of malware and of targeted attacks on corporate and individual sites is increasing daily.   Protection of Intellectual Property and data is of paramount importance, as are Business Continuity Planning and backup and recovery plans.  Other areas of concern include malware and a recent addition, identity theft.

We will review and discuss the latest hardware appliances and software security offerings.  We will review and discuss the latest trends in security threats, malware distribution methods and malware itself.   We will also provide information on how the regulatory authorities and Government in general are proposing to counter the Cyber threats.

We will provide a platform for Industry leaders and strategists to come to us to investigate, discuss and refine their views on the current and future developments in Cybersecurity and network security.  Equally, those new to IT can come to us to learn the state of the art and to plan their organisation’s future security infrastructure.

We challenge our community to look at Cybersecurity and Network Security from conventional and unconventional and out of the box viewpoints.

If you fancy contributing as a thought leader or expert, please contact our editors.  We appreciate and value contributions that add to the conversation and provide new perspectives to our corner of the industry.