Managing Your Internet Footprint and How to Keep Your Privacy Safe

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In the Internet era, most people seem resigned to being monitored by corporations and governments. One thing emphasising the need for Online Security is the upsurge in online scams and data thefts over the last couple of years, particularly around the Festive Season. In short, unless you take proactive steps to update your Online Security, […]

What to do When You’re a Victim of Ransomware

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According to the FBI, the fastest growing cyberthreat to both business and personal networks is ransomware. IT departments worldwide are reviewing their Cyber Security Solutions to see if and how they can counter the threat and, if hit, how to recover from it. What is Ransomware? Ransomware is quite a simple concept. Introduce malicious software […]

5 Ways How You Can Secure Your Company’s Data

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The increasing use of remote access to corporate data to support working from home or providing access to corporate systems has increased the risk of data and Intellectual Property theft. IT departments are looking more closely at Cyber Security for Business solutions as a result. The use of remote access increases the potential attack surface […]

How to Make Your Business 5-Steps Ahead of Cyber Threats

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Cyber Security Solutions are permanently under review by astute heads of IT. The FBI has confirmed that there has been a significant increase in IT-related crime over the last two years. The increase in home working and remote access to corporate systems has exposed new attack surfaces that are not completely secured by existing cyber […]

How To Take Your Business Online Security to the Next Level

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Businesses have been steadily increasing their online presence over the last two years as the effects of the pandemic hit. As a result, Online Security has become a major item in the IT strategic plan. While new Online Security measures have been implemented, new threats always appear, and new and improved countermeasures are needed to […]

What Business Owners Should Know About Cloud Security

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Businesses are increasingly moving to cloud-based platforms as they respond to the changing business environment caused by the Covid pandemic.  Many business owners have concerns about cloud security based on the reports they hear in the media about security breaches in cloud environments. Cloud Security can be implemented and operated to maximise protection against theft […]