Who and what to look for to an Online Security Provider?

Who and what to look for to an Online Security Provider?

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It’s time to protect your business with Cyber-security Services

In the digital era, business-critical data can be the most important assets we have. Protecting the information you hold and your IT infrastructure from cyber attacks has never more pertinent. It is vital to talk to an IT Support Company to provide you with the internet security services to safeguard your data and your business.

Who to look for?
  • You are top priority
    An Internet Security service should be built around offering your system protection from attack, ensuring your sensitive data isn’t compromised. Your provider should consider every possible fragility in your online and on-site infrastructure, identifying gaps in security and addressing them effectively and efficiently.
  • An authority on cyber crime
    In order to offer adequate protection against prevalent threats in the digital landscape, they should keep up to speed with the newest methods used by cyber criminals in the attempt to achieve their illicit objectives. Whether it’s scams or social engineering techniques, they should assess threats which are capable of breaching your defences, and use preventative measures to stop them in both the short and long term. The solutions should be designed to tackle any attempted hacking of your business, using the latest technology.
What to look for?
  • A culture of education
    A truly secure business is one which is security conscious in their day to day business activities. That’s why your provider should be committed to providing training and educational courses for our customers, so that they can learn how to protect themselves more effectively. The training element of our services can be provided as part of our integrated cyber security services or offered on a one-off basis.
  • Email security
    The security of your business is at risk through email. The designed strategies which tackle cyber crime through email head on. Solutions should include safeguards such as managed email security, web filtering, managed firewall security and management of junk emails.
  • Antivirus program management
    While some antivirus programs become an unwanted nuisance, slowing down your computers and draining your resources, a cloud-based solution is automatically updated through a single central database, ensuring it protects you against the latest threats.
  • DNS monitoring
    DNS monitoring as an additional online security net and our DNS monitoring solutions provide increased protection from botnets, phishing attacks, and malware. DNS monitoring acts as a buffer between your network and the web, preventing threats from coming into contact with your network.


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